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Vincent Barberger, Montreal | FRANÇAIS

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When David Sandler created the Sandler Selling System he was looking to help guide salespeople to sales success. His techniques are effective and timeless – and since 1967 salespeople have been referring to them. If you've been Sandler trained, then you've probably also connected with a certain Sandler Rule. Each of the Sandler Rules provide helpful insight and guidance related to business and sales that help professionals navigate a meeting, adjust their outlook or test techniques that lead to profitable returns. Recognizing that all the Rules play an important role, Sandler Training's CEO and President Dave Mattson shared that the Sandler Rule he lives by most is Sandler Rule #3: No Mutual Mystification. "I keep our "No Mutual Mystification" rule top of mind because I know that I can help prospects most when we're both speaking with clarity and we're operating on the same page," said Mattson. "For me and many other sales professionals, the biggest problems come from making assumptions." Here are more Sandler leaders' picks for their top Sandler Rule. Dave Hiatt – Rule #48: A life without risk is a life without growth. Steve Howell – Rule #25: When you want to know the future, bring it back to the present. Kathy Szpakowski – Rule #34: Work smart, not hard. Daryl Burgess, Brian Sullivan and Don Jones – Rule #27: You can't sell anybody anything - they must discover they want it. Rachel Miller –Rule #12: Answer every question with a question. If you had to guess, what do you think would be David Sandler's favorite Sandler Rule
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