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Vincent Barberger, Montreal | FRANÇAIS

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Mike Montague interviews, Sandler author and director of Leadership for Organizational Excellence, Dave Hiatt, about How to Succeed at Leading During Rapid Change Get Dave's book on communicating with skill or The Road to Excellence In this episode:

  • Based on how to succeed at leading during rapid change, what is the best attitude, behavior, and technique to use?
  • What it means to lead during rapidly change in times like these
  • You need to re-evaluate goals and work positions more frequently to be prepared for times like these
  • What are some of the key attitudes leaders need during times of rapid change?
  • Proactively and intentionally increase your use of online meetings
  • What to do right now with your goals, plans, and actions
  • How to use your organizational tools to re-evaluate and set priorities with your employees
  • How  to communicate with your employees during rapid change
  • Truly listen to your employees
  • Dave’s favorite quote for change

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