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Vincent Barberger, Montreal | FRANÇAIS

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One of the most challenging aspects of a successful career in sales management is knowing when to let your foot off the gas, assess you and your team’s status, and regroup before hopping back into the fast lane. While difficult, this is an imperative skill for a sales leader to possess. To further illustrate this point, listed below are three ways that mindfulness can impact team success.

1. Demonstrates acceptance of a strategic approach.

Work can be tiresome and frustrating for team members if they don’t feel that they’re being led down the correct path. As a sales leader, you’re expected to get the most out of your teams’ work hours. This is hard enough on its own. If you don’t have complete buy-in from the team, it’s nearly impossible.

Being mindful of your purpose as an individual, a team, and ultimately an organization, can allow you to maximize your potential and ensure that your subordinates know where they’re being guided. By being aware of your strategic choices, making them clear to your team, and following through on your promises, you optimize your chances of success.

2. Helps to avoid common pitfalls.

In such a fast-paced environment as the sales industry, slowing down for anything may seem like a bad thing. While being inefficient or static is never acceptable, pausing to determine the proper route forward is entirely different than stalling out completely.

The inherent benefit of being mindful of your strategic approach to business, is that it allows you to slow down and analyze the current landscape. Assessing your current standing and strategically planning your next steps, afford you the luxury of avoiding pitfalls that have the potential to derail many of your less-mindful competitors. 

3. Allows the ability to be agile.

Gone are the days of creating a plan, determining a team lead and participants, setting course, and executing. The digital revolution and the state of business in general, has put this possibility to bed. To be effective in today’s world means being agile, dynamic, and malleable. The companies and teams that have figured out how to best adapt to the new age, are the ones primed to be the most successful.

By being mindful of yourself, your industry, and your competitors, you allow your team the best chance to succeed, by seeing threats or opportunities before they occur. The ability to be proactive versus reactive increases your odds of achieving your business goals and objectives.

Accepting a common strategy, avoiding treacherous missteps, and remaining agile, are all direct results of having a mindful approach in the workplace. These results represent the importance and necessity of acting according to plan, as opposed to going in blind.

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