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Vincent Barberger, Montreal | FRANÇAIS

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Through any sales training seminar you may have attended or any job training you've experienced, people seem to put a lot of energy into teaching you how to avoid or resist one word: "No."The fear of rejection alone is enough to drive the timid and easily — bruised away from sales altogether.

So what happens when you spend months chasing after a "no" when you know it's probably not going to be a good fit? The true "yes" that's out there may have done business with your competitor. Sure, you've technically avoided a "no" for a while, but keep in mind that your job isn't to run away from failure. Your objective is to chase after success. Avoid the slowdowns involved in spending countless hours trying to force a poor fit to do business with you.

Stop wasting time on prospects long after they've given their final answer. Watch as Sandler trainer Bill Bartlett explains Sandler Rule #31: Close the sale or close the file.


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